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Trolleys make transporting a kayak or canoe very easy and they save your back from heavy lifting. On my expeditions I have had to portage heavy canoes and kayaks from a few hundred metres up to 20kms at one time. With a trolley I was able to do it with a minimum of fuss.

Tying the kayak onto a trolley can be a challenge if the craft has a smooth V stern and the straps slip back when the trolley hits a bump. The straps need to be positioned in front of a raised part of the boat so the straps don't slip back. An alternative is to tie a cord to the strap back to a point closer to the cockpit.

If the kayak isn't tied on squarly it can crab down the road. You can also put two straps around the kayak to help to make it for securely. If the strap is not fixed to the trolley make sure you put the strap around the leg which is connected to axle part of the trolley.

If you have any problems using a trolley just give us a call.

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