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It is important to protect your feet from glass, rocks and sharp objects by wearing diver’s booties, sand shoes or canoeing sandals. Without adequate footwear walking, portaging or rescuing from the bank can become difficult and painful.


So remember which ever type of footwear you choose, they should: Protect your feet and ankles from cuts and abrasions. Prevent heels from chaffing in the boat. Be warm in winter and are not bulky. Have non-slip soles to reduce slipping and sliding on rocks. If they are above ankle booties, zips will make them easier to take off. They should fit snugly so they don’t slip whilst walking or come off in the water.

SANDSHOES are often too big and bulky to fit into some kayaks and often come off if swimming. They do have the most sturdy sole though and are more suited to general canoeing than kayaking. SANDALS are good to walk to the river in and have a sturdy sole, but they are often too big to fit in kayaks, and they don’t give all round foot protection, especially over rough terrain.