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Keeping warm depends on holding warm air against your skin. To achieve this Thermal Wear garments are designed to wick or transfer moisture/perspiration from your skin to the outer layer. This enables you to stay dry and minimise heat loss by evaporation. To allow the proper ‘wicking process’ the garment should be a snug fit without being too tight. Quality thermal wear does not absorb moisture, are quick drying, warm and comfortable to wear and is a very popular choice for canoeists and outdoor people alike. Long sleeve, short sleeve, long johns, socks, gloves and beanies are available.

Available in Polypropylene or Chlorofibre. To give ease of movement without sacrificing comfort, lightness is a must. Polypropylene and Chlorofibre achieve this by having the lowest density of all textile fibres. Because these two fibres are moisture repellent, they dry quickly. Wash your garment the night before – wear it the next day.

P.S. Wearing cotton T shirts in wet, cold conditions is a big no-no, wet cotton fabrics will increase heat loss. 

Our Price: $50.00
Our Price: $50.00

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