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Time Bandit - (Grafton P/S)
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Time Bandit - (Grafton P/S)

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The Time Bandit is a superb multisport kayak with speed and stability that is needed in such races to do well. It is also a great boat for general fitness.

It is the longest and narrowest multisport kayak in the Grafton Paddle Sports range.

The high front deck at the cockpit sheds the water when paddling through the rough sections and the low profile front and back deck reduces wind effect on the boat. It has a rudder for easier control. It also turns very effectively by using the rudder or just leaning it on its side.

This kayak not only is popular for paddlers entering Multisport Events but they are very popular with paddlers who have the fitness, but want a more stable kayak with the speed close to that of a sprint K1. They are very popular for the more mature paddler who wants to go fast but would like good stability.

With the stability of the Time Bandit and the speed to keep up with the best, this kayak is a great choice as you won't be worrying about capsizing.

Can be fitted with a trailing or underslung rudder.

This kayak can take tall paddlers but if you have a wider solid bum you might want to think about the Time Traveller.

Price depends on construction.

Specs: Fibreglass or Kevlar/Carbon
Length: 6.2m
Width: 0.42 cm
Weight: 12kg - 13kg
Australian Made