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Avenger Wild Water Kayak (Grafton P/S)
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Avenger Wild Water Kayak (Grafton P/S)

Price: Call for Pricing

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The Avenger series of kayaks has won more DR races and Australian Titles in Australia than any other boat. I have paddled the Avenger in the Avon Descent about 10 times as well as in many Wild Water Titles. I also paddle this kayak more times in my flat water training sessions than in any of my other kayaks. (It just feels good to have control of my kayak without having to rely on a rudder.)

Avengers have always been fast and relatively stable and the lastest model is no exception. The boat of choice for both intermediate and champion wildwater paddlers.

Wild Water kayaks like the Avenger don't have rudders so it is a skill to be able to paddle them fast down manageable rapid rivers. A lot of skills can be gained by paddling an Avenger but it is not for the novice paddler who wants to do social paddling.

Give me a call if you want to know more about this kayak or about the Wild Water Racing sport.

The Avenger is made to order.

Length: 4.5m
Beam: 0.60m
Weight: 10 - 11kg
Australian Made

Price depends on construction.

Call Terry on 0417 977 330 or


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