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V10L (Epic)
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V10L (Epic)

Price: Call for Pricing

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The new Epic V10L has been the most successful all around surf ski over the past year - getting rave reviews from advanced level paddlers for its speed, handling, ergonomics and stability.

With the redesigned V10L we’ve taken that winning combination and optimized the hull for paddlers 75 kg (and under). Perfect for smaller to mid sized paddlers.

The V10L has an adjustable footbrace with self adjusting pedals that will fit shorter leg lengths - accommodating paddlers from 4'11" to 6'3" tall.


Club 16.3kg
Performance 14.5 kg
Ultra 11.8kg

Please note: Weights are approximate and may vary up to 300g.


Club: Blue Nose: $3190.00
Performance: Black Nose: $3990.00  Special only 1 left at this price $3600.00
Ultra: Red Nose: $4990.00

Length: 6.15 m
Beam: 44.0cm
Depth: 30.5 cm
Capacity: 75 kg (optimum)



• Fiberglass on a core mat
• Vacuum bagged with polyester resin
• Blue nose

• Infusion grade foam core
• Composite hybrid of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar
• Vacuum infused, heat-cured epoxy
• Black nose


• Nomex honeycomb core
• Woven Kevlar fabric
• Vacuum bagged, heat-cured epoxy
• Red nose

How to set up your ski: